June 24, 2007

JAB Review- Video Game

Alright, I've been out of the loop for a while now, but I'm back. Here's a recent game I've been playing and loving. PS2 users must get this and play it. Here's Devil May Cry 3:Special Edition. The first DMC 3 was great but in the Special Edition is just a bit better. The special editon does include the orignial storyline of DMC 3 and also adds in some new stuff with Dante. Dante obtains a special turbo mode of gameplay, Jester Boss, an every ending tower, and a new costume. Not only do you get to play as Dante but you can even play the brother Vergil. Vergil just goes through Dante's story without the cutscences, so it's all action with this brother. Both of the brothers get the awesome costumes and such, but Dante's the only one who gets the exchangable weapons.

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May 29, 2007

Clap Clap Graduation

Well finally I am done with high school and all of the drama and bullshit! That's right I have finally graduated. I woke up Monday morning going, "Shit I'm late for school ." and slowly reliezed that I don't have to go to school no more. Well considering that I'm going back to school to work on Yearbook which seems odd. Ive graduated and yet I'm still going back to the school. Odd. Well, Sept. 10 I'm going off to SCAD and starting the rest of my life. Awesomeness. Well See you around

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April 23, 2007


While watching one of the greatest shows on NBC, which is Heroes, I started to think what kind of super human powers could I have, or would anyone have? There's all sorts of powers on the show and they haven't thought of some yet either so if i could have powers, explained science like, and it would be kicking some ass. The show Heroes isn't all costumes and secret identies either, and they use their powers for what they want. I believe I want super speed. I figure my body would be able to do the same thing the cheerleader would do only with my muscles. I would be able to run really fast and fight super fast too. That would be amazing. Yeah or maybe my body would just work out my leg and arm muscles to be fast enough but the physical looks of them would not be any different. That would be cool. Alright send in your comments and tell me of your powers!

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March 27, 2007

April Showers brings May graduations

Yes well, April does bring showers and hopefully wash the pollen off of my car, but I just reliezed today that I had to write my last editioral. Sucks for me, because I'll be out of the school and miss a bunch of great times and glad to be out of there because of all the bad times. I been thinking about it, a lot has happened within my senior year. Some things I don't want to remember but helped me along the way, things I'll never forget like the awesome time at prom, and somethings I wish could have gone on forever like the drive home from prom. High school is kinda like pre-k of life. Still got the diapers on, some do some don't. Then at graduations we toss off the diapers, some people keep them on, or some have already taken them off, but either way it just means that I'm taking a bigger step in the real world. Still waiting for the accepted letter from college, making sure all of your friends keep in contact after school, taking as many pictures as the camera can hold, quickly making memories that will go on forever, and wanting to toss the hat in the air. I have been offered a better job than Fazoli's the other day. My mother's work wants me to create their website for 10 dollars an hour. So I took the job and placed my two week notice in at Fazoli's. I'll be able to put my Senior Project work to good use now. Thanks Josiah. Also got the Panera Bread interview Monday and got a job there too. So I'm working two places and I'm feeling lucky. If any of you have seen my facebook, my relationship problems are just a tiny bit complicated. Hopefully it'll work out. I like this girl she's pretty cool. It seems like some of my friends don't like her, but they're the friends I don't hang out with outside of school. Plus if anyone who reads this can help me out with that facebook badge please do. Thanks

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March 12, 2007


Yes comics, something I haven't been able to put on the website since, well I've said I'm going to put comics on the website. I'm making a new webcomic for the entertainment of the evening, even put in my comics from the Red Feather Newspaper from my school. So yes I do have one comic ready though. It's a bit old and the character designs for my friends are different but here it is.

Ok, this isn't the one I wanted but here's the only one I've drawn.

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February 24, 2007

The hypocrite strikes again!

Well it was another fun filled day for me. The damn hypocrite that's in my life came out and ruined my day. It just begins with a little butter on her shirt, but she sprays with water all over my left side and gets in on a prank and let's me mop the freezer. Oh I'm the child in the fucking group, while she stands around and takes stuff out of my car and says, "i'll give it to you when we graduate." He he he fuck! That's toally bullshit. Why the fuck would you take something out of someone's car and tell them about a month later and don't give it back. She says it's a toy, I think it's my link hat, and I also think she's just being a toally bitch. The damn joke was over when she told me she took something out of my car. See I don't lock my doors b/c I had to take the little red box because occisally it would just beep really loud for no reason, so I took it out. So it doesn't electrionally lock anymore, unless I want the loud beeping sound, and because of her childish act I'm locking my doors and my trust with her broken. Yeah fucking tired of her fucking bullshit. People have told me that my childish is funny, while her's is annoying! Plus she's got this damn ego problem that's toally not needed. My fellow co worker was getting degreaser for the butter brush and I was working and she just goes ahead and explains the reason why the fuck he needs it. I already know that bitch! I've been working here a lot longer than you, plus I also have previous work experience too! Now the pie is tasting bitter. Apparently I've had enough of her and her hypocrite, super ego, religious bullshit. This pie has one too many pieces of shit. As you could tell I'm pissed. She wants to help people but she won't help my friend Jonny with anything. She wanted me to change, and I did, did she? NOPE! I'm going to stop now, before I get enraged again. Sorry about the misspelling too.

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